Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SF Poetry at MINDFLIGHTS: Issue Two

In the February issue of MindFlights, Joshua Gage's poem of historical fantasy will put a smile on the face of anyone who loves illuminated manuscripts: "The Illuminator."

A taste:

Candles perch like angels
beating back the night
with triumphant wings. The scribe
begins his work. “Formavit”
sprouts leaves beneath his quill,

It's a poem begging to be colorfully illustrated by a fantasy artist.

There Will Be Poetry by Dorine Ratulangie is the second of February offerings at MindFlights. The opening stanza:

There will be poetry
in the skeleton of androids
and the hull of stolen ships
as we flee. Outside
a starsystem
spills its essence in
tenuous trails of gas
dark and barren.

Drop by and read all of it--and the fiction, too.

Speculative Poetry at
MindFlights Magazine: Issue One

January marked the debut of MindFlights Magazine, the new creature that has been formed out of the merger of THE SWORD REVIEW and DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS, both DEP magazines that offered science fiction and fantasy with a Christian-friendly worldview.

MindFlights continues that mission: quality SF that, while not necessarily needing to be overtly Christian in content, does need to be Christian-reader friendly (no gratuitous violence, no graphic sexuality, nothing that would qualify as "blasphemous" to a person of devout faith).

The first issue (January 2008) offered this poem by David Siegel Bernstein, Ph.D., entitled "In the Beginning." First stanza follows:

Once upon a time,
there was no time,
or even a
without a twice for reference.
There was,
a beginning
and there were the Four
existing as One.

Also featured was "Yucatan" by John Kuhn, where lovely language takes a look at an ancient earthly upheaval. It begins:

Chaste Baptistina, untouched in an age,
Quietly glides past a ruffian’s cage.
Now--too naïve to imagine his mind--
She passes too close, trailing beauty behind.

G.O Clark's "Galaxy in a Matchbox" opens with the gorgeous image of the title:

She keeps a luminous,
spiral galaxy in a common
cardboard matchbox.