Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"Flyboy": A Sestina

Lucy A. Snyder offers us a sestina--you don't get those every day, and I LOVE sestinas, but am too chicken to try writing one yet--called "Flyboy."

It's over at Strange Horizons. Here's the first stanza:

The baseheads call me Daddy Luzz like I'm fly.
I was my momma's first, a cream-faced baby boy.
Pops thought I was ace, raised me like a king,
named me for the light of the Las Vegas sun.
Or maybe pale Lucifer. No one would know
to see me now: sun burnt my skin as dark as Coke.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Four DEP Poems Nominated for Rhysling

Here are the four poems published in DEP ezines that are up for Rhysling awards:

Short form:

Malcolm Deeley's "Two Cathedrals", published in DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS.

Mirta Ana Schultz's (er, that's me) "Into the Heart" , published in THE SWORD REVIEW

Long form:

J. C. Runolfson's "Advent", published in THE SWORD REVIEW (make sure to click on pdf or html at bottom to see the whole of the poem)

Marsheila Rockwell's "Pilate's Wife", in THE SWORD REVIEW