Monday, January 22, 2007

"Return to the Mutant Rain Forest" ONLINE at CHIAROSCURO

Bruce Boston and Robert Frazier's much-honored poem is online. The blurb at Chiaroscuro, where the poem appears, says this:

"Return to the Mutant Rain Forest" won the 1988 Odyssey Poetry Award. It first appeared commercially in Masques III (St. Martin’s, 1989) and was reprinted in Year’s Best Horror Stories XVIII (Daw Books, 1990) and Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror III (St. Martin’s, 1990). In 2006, it received First Place in the Locus Online Poetry Poll for "Best All-Time Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror Poem." This is its first appearance online. For more on Frazier and Boston, please visit and

The opening stanza:

Years later we come back to find the fauna and flora
more alien than ever, the landscape unrecognizable,
the course of rivers altered, small opalescent lakes
springing up where before there was only underbrush,
as if the land itself has somehow changed to keep pace
with the metaprotean life forms which now inhabit it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

S. Henderson's "Cinderella's Funeral"

Loved this one, but I have a thing for fairy-tale milieu stories and poems.

What happened to Cindy after her royal wedding? Well, it's not probably what you think:

"Cinderella's Funeral"

Gorgeous final imagery.

SF Poetry at The Sword Review

Two Scifaikus: "Flash Frozen" and "Common Cause" by Richard Magahiz

"For Love" by Jaime Lee Moyer.

Terrie Leigh Relf's "And Still I Breathe."

Paying Markets for SF Poetry

The wonderful and talented Karen Romanko has updated the paying markets list for the SFPA.

See the list HERE.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

"How Angels Fledge" by Jane Lebak

Jane Lebak specializes, it seems, in writing about things angelic (and often speculative).

Her poem "How Angels Fledge" was chosen as an honorable mention in DKA's first poetry contest.

It begins:

I beheld God in full,
Eye to eye, witness to Creation.
But wrenched from the grasp of glory,
The itching in my heart
Compelled me into the gusts of time.
July first, if I'd kept track of days.
I landed and found you: New. Needy.
And me: Warm. Protective. Fierce.
Guardian--me. After so long, me and you.

Read it at DKA.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

SFPA Dwarf Stars Award Winner

From the SFPA site, news section:

The Dwarf Stars Award is given annually to the best short-short SF poem of the year. To be eligible, a poem must be 10 lines or less and first published in the previous calendar year. The winner of the 2006 Dwarf Star Award is "Knowledge Of," by Ruth Berman. In second place was "The Stepsister," by Peg Duthie, and in third place was "Prayer Causes Stars," by Greg Beatty.

The winning poem was published in Keren issue #10.