Tuesday, November 20, 2007

John Kuhn's "Separado" and
other DKA Contest Winners and Poems

Last year, John Kuhn won the first DKA Poetry Contest with "Statuary." This year, he won it with "Separado." One word "S" titles are working for John, as is his fine gift with words.

The theme of the contest this year was inferno and/or paradiso.

Here are the opening lines of "Separado"--which means "separated" or "estranged" in Spanish:

On my tongue
In my tongue
All the way through
My salt pork tongue

Yes, he chose "inferno" as his focus, and it is one with one foot in the gospel of Luke and the other in the science fictional realm that he works through his theme.

Second place went to "Sky Vendor" by Holly Dworken Cooley, which opens thusly:

as if in a trance
she walks around the village
carrying the sun and the moon
slung at either hip like babies
for sale she says

The three honorable mention placements went to Karen A. Romanko's "Atlantis," C.K. Deatherage's "Black Hole," and Jenny Schwartz's "Paradise."

Please visit and read them all.

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