Monday, April 30, 2007

John Kuhn and D. Kopaska-Merkel at TSR

A couple of poetic goodies for you over at The Sword Review.

First, another rhyming bit of science fictional gorgeousness from John Kuhn titled "Modulation", constructed in parts that tell a stor and from which this excerpt:

She yet remained his wife, endured his chill,
and walked behind him cloaked from head to toe
to save him from temptation’s harmful blow—
for fragile grew the system from that pill
whose wiry tendrils pulsed to somehow still
the pulse of flesh and stifle ardor’s flow.
So fragile did the system in him grow,
and yet it bound like iron his once-free will.


From Davic C. Kopaska Merkel comes "Leviathan, rising", which begins:

the pond, a dark fathomless pool,
pulls the house into its wild
fishy frontier, furrowing the garden,

I think you'll enjoy them both, the science-fictional and the mythical-fantastical. Go, read.

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