Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Scifaiku Manifesto

A fun manisfesto to read, instructive and concise, graced with examples. If you've never read or written scifaihu, why not delve into this web page first:

While SciFaiku is open to experimentation and flexible in using the rules of its form, it nevertheless draws its inspiration from haiku. As with haiku, a poet strives to convey a sense of immediacy -- to capture a moment, to make readers feel that they are part of a scene. This immediacy might be obtained, for instance, by incorporating words that strike directly at the senses -- sounds, smells, visions... In striving for directness of expression, SciFaiku avoids abstract concepts and metaphors and describes rather than philosophizes. Leave the implications to the reader's imagination:

Digging up an ancient city,
finding the print
of a tennis shoe.

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