Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Poetry Today over at TSR and DKA

Visit Sword Review for David Kopaska-Merkel's "Dreams of Starlight", which opens with:

As the ship moved, or its frame of reference altered,
as the distance from here to here grew long,
the gaps in conversations grew like vines that strangle buildings.
She had no events to tell, while homebody he
had graduations, births, deaths, achievements and disasters.
Then the big disaster

Mr. Kopaska-Merkel edits DREAMS & NIGHTMARES, a long-running magazine of fantastic poetry.

Then drop by DKA for R.L. Copple's "Dimensional Shifts":

Dimensional travel at your fingertips,
Folding reality upon itself.
Live a cardboard life,
Or find Nirvana in pointlessness.

Read all of both. Enjoy.

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