Saturday, December 9, 2006


My focus here will be on poetry, and specifically speculative poetry.

If one wants to get even more specific--and why shouldn't one--I might say that Christian speculative poetry is of great interest to me, and I want to highlight it on this blog. Sadly, there isnt' a whole lot of it Christian speculative poetry, so I don't want to limit myself.

It suffices to say poetry is the subject here, and let that beautiful world--poetry--fill this blog's air.

While I tweak and rework and fiddle with colors and headers, please visit a couple of my poems that are available (free) online:

1. My contest-winning speculative poem, "Into The Heart." A stranded spacing crew, and a wild hope that seems very much like madness.

2. My poem "Monument." It's one fantasy answer to the real question, "Why did Lot's wife turn around?"

Feel free to comment and recommend speculative poems you think are good. I'm always looking around for fine reading.

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