Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dragons, Knights & Angels: Poetry Contest Winners

John Kuhn's winning poem is up. Here's the first stanza:

Shrouded, wound about in mists as ancient
as Leviathan, hidden as his yawning lair
Atlantis in clouded absinthian waters,
they lie, awaiting splendor’s blade to lay them bare.

Read "Statuary" here.

Malcolm Deeley's wonderful poem "Two Cathedrals" came in second. I really love this one, the mood, the mystery, the allusions. It's a winner with me.

The third place poem, "Transport" by Chris Mikesell, takes familiar, romantic terms that are cliche and makes them new by the literalness imposed by context.

Some of the honorable mention poems are also up at DKA. Drop by.

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